Razor wire

Razor wire

Razorwire fencing

We can supply razor wire fences for enhanced security. Blades for razor wire have three types: Long blades, short blades and medium sized blades.

Razor wire is supplied in electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel materials. Our razor wire is in the form of straight line, crossed razor wire or concertina coils. Straight type razor wire: Straight from spiral razor barbed wire. It is easy to install while saving the cost . Spiral razor wire is installed without clips, it can be installed in its natural loops on walls, which looks beautiful and practical.

Crossed razor wire is made of two pieces of razor wire, which is buttoned by the heavy clips. It can be made into different crossed type in different diameter and widely used in high wall or bounding wall, it has good effect on insulating and protecting.

Flat razor wire fence is the new application for razor wire. It is practicable and beautiful. It can be used together with the straight type razor barbed wire to form protecting wall. Razor barbed wire in flat wrap type is mainly used in warehouse, stock farm, farm, mine, prison, national defense, etc.

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